How to Reserve the Meeting Rooms

Log in to your Google Calendar: Make sure you’re logged in using the google account email address you gave to Locus.

Expand the “Other Calendars” area in the left margin (or in the newer version of Google Calendar, you can go directly to the next step).

In the “Add a coworker’s calendar” field, paste the appropriate calendar ID for each calendar you would like to add and press enter:

To add the 10-person meeting room, paste:

To add the 4-person meeting room, paste:


Each type of membership comes with a certain number of hours free per month. Check the description of your membership type on the website or ask a community manager if you don’t already know.

You can use the meeting room for up to ½ hour without reserving it (and thus without using your free hours or having to pay). See the sign on each meeting room door for details.


Once you have been added to Locus’s Members-Only Google Group, you can start reserving Locus’s meeting rooms yourself.

Make sure you DON’T delete or change existing meeting room reservations, unless they’re your own. These reservations are not just on your calendar, they’re shared across all Locus members and they’re our only record for when the meeting rooms are reserved. If you don’t like seeing all the meeting room reservations, you can unhighlight those calendars in the left margin of your Google calendar and they won’t be shown in the main calendar.

You MUST CHANGE FROM YOUR DEFAULT GOOGLE CALENDAR when you create the event! By default, Google uses your personal calendar when you create an event. That calendar will NOT reserve the meeting room and will NOT be visible to anyone but you. After you create the event, you need to click on “edit event” and go to the “Calendar” field and choose the appropriate Meeting Room Calendar or the meeting room will not be reserved for you.

Be sure your reservation does NOT overlap with existing reservations for the same meeting room. It may seem obvious, but reservations that have some overlap with existing reservations happen surprisingly often.

Feel free to check with a Community Manager if you need help or to make sure your reservation was set up correctly.

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