Did the power go out?


Main power switch at Locus

Main power switch, close up

If you turned on the main power switch in the entryway at Locus and it overloaded the circuit breaker, here’s what you do to fix it.

  1. Go down the stairs to the 3rd floor entrance to Locus and walk out into the building hallway (make sure you bring your keys with you or block the door from closing, and if it’s dark bring your phone to use as a flashlight).
  2. Walk down a half a flight of stairs to the platform between the two floors.
  3. Against the wall you’ll find a large panel (below image) which is the main electrical panel for three flats.
  4. If you can’t pull the panel open, use one of your keys to wedge it in the hex key hole to turn it counter clockwise to open it.
  5. At the bottom, you should see three main circuit breakers, each one comprising three smaller switches (so nine switches total).
  6. These switches also control the electricity for two flats unaffiliated with Locus, so be careful not to turn on or off the switches for those other two flats.
  7. Locus’s circuit breaker is in the middle (the set of three grey switches in the red box in the below image).
  8. When the circuit breaker has been overloaded, that set of switches will be down (if they’re up, as in the above picture, then everything is okay with the main circuit breaker).
  9. Push Locus’s set of switches up and the power should work again.
  10. If it still doesn’t work, check to make sure power isn’t out in the whole building (try to turn on the hallway light, for example). If power is out in the building, you’re out of luck until the building power is restored.
  11. If that’s not the problem either, check the electricity panel inside Locus. It is on the inside of the doorway to enter and exit Locus. Make sure the individual circuit breakers there are up.
  12. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, give us a call.