Follow Our Events

Below are a variety of ways to stay informed about Locus’s public and members-only events.

Use the methods that suit you best!

Join Our Groups

Locus uses as it’s main tool for organizing our public events. You can choose from three Locus meetup groups, each with a different focus.

Locus: WORK BETTER in Prague organizes events to help location-independent professionals work more effectively, successfully, and happily. Events include mastermind groups, a weekly critique-free writing meetup, twice-weekly group work meetups, etc.

Locus: FUN STUFF in Prague organizes events purely for location-independent professionals who want to get to know other like-minded people and have some fun in the process. Events include pub nights, poker tournaments, game nights, etc.

Locus: LEARNING, IDEAS, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION in Prague (LIKE) organizes workshops, lectures, and discussions intended to teach us about new things, engage our critical minds, and otherwise get us thinking.

Members-only events are not listed on, so use one of the other methods listed here to follow our members-only events.

Join Our Facebook Group

Along with being a great place to interact with Locus’s members and friends, Locus’s Facebook Group lists all upcoming public events in the events section of the group. If you’re a member of the group, you’ll receive event invitations.

Join Our Events Slack Channel

Make sure your in Locus’s Events Slack channel, where you’ll receive a notification about all upcoming events, including members-only events. Are you a current or former Locus member, but not in our Slack Community? Request to be added here.

Add Our Events Calendars to Your Own Google Calendar

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Google Calendar:
  • Click the “+” icon next to “Other Calendars” in the left margin and then click the “Subscribe to calendar” option.
  • In the “Add calendar” field, paste the calendar ID for each events calendar you’d like to add:
    • For PUBLIC events, enter
    • For Members-Only Events only open to members of the workspace, enter

Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Along with giving a monthly update about what’s new at Locus, our Newsletter gives an overview of the upcoming events for the month, both public and private.