About Locus

Locus Workspace is an English-language coworking space that was designed from day one for solo-workers: freelancers, writers, digital nomadssolopreneurs, and other remote workers and location-independent professionals who would prefer to work alongside other people than alone. We opened our doors on May 4th, 2010, making us the longest-running coworking space in the Czech Republic.

Locus has members from more than 20 countries, including a large minority—about one third—from the Czech Republic itself. That makes Locus ideal BOTH for non-Czechs looking to meet others like themselves or to connect quickly to local knowledge and culture, AND for Czechs who want to engage with an international community or just practice their English.

Key benefits:

  • Quality office infrastructure and an unbeatable location in Prague’s Vinohrady neighborhood to help you work more effectively and professionally
  • An English-speaking, international & Czech community to help you connect both locally and globally
  • The positive mood and productive energy that often comes when working alongside other focused people
  • People with whom to collaborate, form friendships, share knowledge, or simply go to lunch
  • A healthy separation between work and family life
  • 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access
  • Flexible and affordable membership options
  • Events that promote productivity, professional development, and fun

We make it easy to get to know other members by offering a host of informal events that all members are welcome to join, from weekly lunches and coffee breaks, to monthly pub nights and game nights, to productivity-enhancing group work sessions, to workshops and talks promoting professional development.

Many of our members have worked at coworking spaces around the world and it makes us proud to regularly hear that we have one of the strongest communities of any coworking space around.

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