Membership Prices

Prices are inclusive of VAT


 Fixed DeskFull Time8 DayEvenings & WeekendsCommunityDay Pass
Price6500 Kč
/ mo.
5000 Kč
/ mo.
2800 Kč
/ mo.
2150 Kč
/ mo.
4250 Kč
/ 6 mo.
550 Kč
/ day
Dedicated Desk
Access Hours24/724/724/7Mo-Fr: 18:00-10:00
Sa-Su: 24/7
No. of Daysunlimitedunlimited8 days / mo.unlimited1 day / mo.1 day
Meeting Room4 hrs FREE / mo.; then member pricing4 hrs FREE / mo.; then member pricing2 hrs FREE / mo.; then member pricing2 hrs FREE / mo.; then member pricing1 hr FREE / mo.; then member pricingNon-member pricing
Coffee & TeaFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Private Events
Monitor: Borrow One
Monitor: Bring Your Own
B & W Printing:
2 Kč; 50 FREE / mo.2 Kč; 50 FREE / mo.2 Kč; 50 FREE / mo.2 Kč; 50 FREE / mo.2 Kč; 50 FREE / mo.3 Kč; 5 FREE / day
Color Printing:
5 Kč5 Kč5 Kč5 Kč5 Kč7.5 Kč
Min. Commitment1 month1 month1 month1 month6 months1 day
Max. Commitment6 mo. + 1 mo. FREE6 mo. + 1 mo. FREE6 mo. + 1 mo. FREE6 mo. + 1 mo. FREE6 months



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Discounts & Bonuses

Commit to a Six-Month Membership and if you have a…
  • Full-Time or Fixed-Desk Membership:
    • Get the option to put your membership on hold for up to one year (read the rules in the link).
    • Prepay for six months and get the 7th month free.
    • Pay in six monthly installments and get two extra weeks free.
  • 8 Day / Month or Evenings & Weekends Membership: Prepay for six months and get the 7th month free.
Shared Memberships

Want to share the same membership across multiple users? Add 15% to the price of any membership other than the Community membership and you can share it with as many people as you’d like, as long as you don’t work out of Locus at the same time. For sharing the Community membership, add 50% to the price.

Membership Details

Fixed Desk

“Fixed Desk” Memberships are like “Full Time”, except they include a dedicated desk. “Fixed Desk” members can bring their own desktop computer, office chair, multiple monitors, and otherwise decorate their desk as they see fit. And they can still work at other desks when they want.

Fixed desks can still be used by other members as long as the fixed-desk holder is not using the desk. The fixed-desk holder should keep their desk tidy and the desk top clear so that other people are comfortable working their when they are away. Here’s a map showing where fixed desks can be located, along with more detailed rules about their use.

8 Day / Month

Membership days are counted over a month-long period and need not be used over consecutive days.


With a Community Membership you get one day per month use of the space and you can add extra days as you need them. You also get 1 free hour per month of reserved use of the meeting room and member pricing on all additional hours. You’ll be added to our members-only discussion group, receive invitations to all member-only events, get member prices on fee-based events, and receive all other members-only perks and access.

Unlike other memberships, Community memberships require a 6-month prepaid contract, so 4,250 CZK for the entire 6-month membership.

Day Passes & Extra Days

Non-members can try out Locus for one day free. After that, non-members can buy day passes as needed.

Day Passes are not memberships. They do not include participation in our Slack community and other members-only perks and access. Day Pass users do not get keys to the space and are limited to times when a manager (or other member) can be there to host the guest.

Additional features of the Day Pass:

  1. Day Pass users can buy a 10-Day Pass, good for one year, for 25% off the individual Day Pass price.
  2. Members with limited-day or limited-time memberships can use day passes for extra access.
    • In that case they have 24/7 access.
    • Non-members who are working with a member can use their day pass on evenings and weekends, as long as the member they are working with is always with them.
  3. Day Pass users get the same prices as Non-Members when renting the meeting room.
  4. Day pass users can participate in members-only events during the validity of their day pass.
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