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Locus Workspace is an English-language coworking space in Prague created to help freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads and other location-independent professionals do their best work.

With members from more than 20 countries and English-language events to promote productivity, knowledge & expertise sharing, and a sense of community, you’ll WORK BETTER at Locus.




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Fixed Desk

4500 Kč / month

Full Time

3500 Kč / month

7 Day

1900 Kč / month

Evenings & Weekends

1500 Kč / month


3000 Kč / 6 months

Day passes available for 400 Kč / day

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Based on 194 reviews.
Christophe Golle
Christophe Golle
November 22, 2022.
I didn't take long for me to wonder if 'my cozy home' is my actual cozy home, or is this coworking!
Kate Pars
Kate Pars
November 4, 2022.
I took a month membership and am super happy with the place. Really nice view, easily accessible and nicely renovated interior with smart design. Perfect location, various lunch options in the neighbourhood. Very nice Community Managers (Eva, Lea) always happy to help. Overall work is well organised, members are respectful to each other. Only positive emotions so far 🤗
Georgi Burlakov
Georgi Burlakov
October 29, 2022.
Very friendly, cosy shared workspace with strong community spirit, ideal for freelancers and independent entrepreneurs.
Hayk Khachikyan
Hayk Khachikyan
October 21, 2022.
Locus Workspace is amazing! It has all the options you need - perfect location, accessibility. It's like all-inclusive hotel - the space is fully equipped with furniture, rooms, good internet, kitchen and you have everything near the space too - shops, cafes, restaurants, ATM-s and public transport. Highly recommended!
Sasha Chagina
Sasha Chagina
October 17, 2022.
Locus coworking is a beautiful cosy coworking space in the centre of Prague Vinohrady, located at the very top of historic building it has an incredible view to nearby Zizkov TV tower and futuristic church at Jiriho z Podebrad square. It's a very lively area of the city - many cafes and restaurants, very easy access by public transport. We used a meeting room for 10 people for our regular discussion meet-up - everyone had enough space, and it was easy to have a conversation around big table. Conveniently Locus also has a kitchen with a coffee machine, tea and anything you need for the meeting. Locus community managers are super welcoming and helpful, I can wholeheartedly recommend!
Mickael Wegerich
Mickael Wegerich
September 30, 2022.
It's a great place to work, we can find all things to work well. Locus organizes many events during between members, like lunches, coffee/tea breaks, language lunch break, ...
Daniel Belchi Lorente
Daniel Belchi Lorente
September 19, 2022.
Un sitio genial y un ambiente de trabajo muy agradable y familiar. Probé otro coworking en Praga, que también era muy bonito, pero le falta el toque humano que tiene Locus 🙂