Refer a Friend

Planning to refer a friend or colleague to Locus? We know you wouldn’t do it for the money, but as a way to thank you for the referrals you were (hopefully) going to give anyway, Locus is offering a BIG reward to both you and the person you refer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Potential member must indicate that you referred them in the “How did you hear about Locus” field of the form they fill out to arrange their visit or to sign up for membership.
  • There is no bonus for either of you for the first month of membership (we already provide a large discount off the cost of the first month for new members).
  • For the second month, both you and the new member receive 50% of the price of that second month (before VAT, since we don’t use VAT in LOL exchanges) in Locus Laughs (LOLs). Locus Laughs can be used to pay for any Locus products or services, or can be transferred to other Locus members to use as they see fit. For example, if the person you referred committed to a 3000 Kc membership (before VAT) for their 2nd month, you and they would each receive 15000 LOLs (equivalent to 1500 Kč each in Locus products and services).
  • This bonus is only valid for: (1) referrals from a Locus member, and (2) referrals to a first-time member.

Thanks for letting your friends know about Locus!