Payment Options

If you don’t have a Czech bank account, below are a variety of payments options. Follow the links for details.

Direct Bank Payment from a CZECH Account

This is our preferred method. The bank payment information is on the invoice you received from Locus and there’s a QR you can use with your banking app to make the payment quick and easy. If you’d like to set up a repeating monthly payment with your bank, just let us know and use your IČ or birth number instead of the invoice number for your variable symbol.

Direct Bank Payment from a FOREIGN NON-EURO (NON-€) Account (SURCHARGES APPLY)

Our bank charges 100 CZK to accept international, non-€ bank payments. If your bank doesn’t give the option to convert directly into CZK when making the payment, our bank also charges bad currency exchange rates so that the end payment will often be less in CZK than you expected. Your bank may also charge international wiring fees. Locus expects to receive the amount printed on the invoice, and any additional fees will be passed on to you. If you’d like to pay from a non-Czech, non-€ bank, please discuss this option with a Locus manager first and be prepared to pay the additional fees. This is our least-preferred method of payment and should only be a last resort.

Here’s our bank payment information for payment from an non-Czech bank:

Bank Name: Fio banka
IBAN: CZ31 2010 0000 0027 0163 8196


Transferwise and Revolut are online banking services catering to frequent or long-term travelers who need to make payments or get money in foreign currency at the best rates. They transfer the money directly from your home bank account—or your account balance with them—into their intermediary local bank and forward to the recipient in the local currency at Local transfer rates. If you travel a lot or spend extensive time abroad, one of these services is highly recommended. Locus doesn’t have to pay extra and neither do you. And they have the best exchange rates you are likely to find anywhere. It may take a few days to set up your account, so if you need to pay quickly and do not already use one of these services, you may be better off using an alternative payment method.

Here’s our bank payment information for use with Transferwise or Revolut if the local bank payment information on the invoice is not enough:

Bank Name: Fio banka
IBAN: CZ31 2010 0000 0027 0163 8196

Direct Bank Payment from a EUR (€) Account

If you can’t pay into CZK, Locus can receipt payments in EUR (€). There will be a currency exchange fee and we’ll need to make a custom invoice for you, so we would prefer payments in CZK, but if you need to pay from a EUR (€) account anyway, you can be sure the end amount is the same as the invoiced amount and not worry about unexpected currency exchange fees. European bank payments using EUR (€) accounts only charge a symbolic fee, so we don’t mind if this is your only good option.

Here’s our bank payment information for payment from a non-Czech bank:

Bank Name: Fio banka
IBAN: CZ31 2010 0000 0027 0163 8196

Visa or Mastercard Payment

We’d prefer a bank payment or cash just to avoid the card payment fees, but if paying by a credit or debit card makes your life simpler, you can pay using our online payment portal.

Here’s how:

  1. go to Locus’s Slashpay account page
  2. In the “optional description”, make sure to enter your invoice number(s)
  3. In the next step you’ll have the option to pay by card

Or download the Slashpay app and you can pay your invoice quickly by mobile phone as well as shop at merchants around the world using their simple payment system.


If you will use Locus’s services on an ongoing monthly basis, we would prefer if you paid by local bank transfer or using a service like Transferwise or Revolut. But if you are just using Locus’s services on a one-time basis, paying in CZK with cash is fine. Just be sure to check in with a Locus manager to let us know when you’re ready to pay.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Locus Workspace might have been the first coworking space in the world to accept Bitcoin (we started accepting it back in 2011) thanks to the passion of one of our early members, creator of the first Bitcoin mining pool and co-creator of the Trezor physical cryptocurrency wallet. If you’d like to pay by BTC, just let us know and we’ll share our wallet address and the price in BTC.


It is possible to pay by PayPal, but we pass on the 5% surcharge to you and we recommend using one of our many other payment options. If you’d like to pay by PayPal, check in with a community manager to let us know and we’ll update your invoice to include the surcharge and give you our PayPal payment address.

Locus Laughs (LOL)

Locus Laughs are Locus’s virtual ultra-local currency. See our LOL page for details on how to pay using LOL. If you refer a member or were referred by one, you may have enough LOLs to pay for a big part of your monthly membership.