It’s a boy! Adam Gabriel Bennis

Hi All,

Haven’t been spending much time on Locus Workspace as the last 3 weeks have been devoted to my wife and family. We have a new baby boy, Adam Gabriel Bennis, 4.35 kilos, b. May 28, 2010. Lea was in the hospital save 2 days from May 18th, and just returned from the hospital on Wednesday (5 days ago). Adam is doing great and his big brother is excited that he’s better at almost everything than his little brother.

For example, when changing Adam’s diaper I pointed out to Daniel that Adam had a little butt. “But Daddy, I have a big butt,” Daniel said proudly. Then he pointed at his butt, “Daddy, Daddy, look, I have a big butt!” Just one of the many perks of being an older brother.