Benefits of a Community Membership

There are three groups of people who stand to benefit most from Locus’s Community Membership:

  1. those who participate in Locus’s public events such as our Jellies (free monthly open day of coworking), our writing meetups, or our social events such as our monthly game nights and pub nights, or who otherwise value the Locus community but do not need a place to work,
  2.  and those who need a space to work a few days a month but can’t justify a 7-day/month membership.
  3. those who use the meeting room on a regular basis,

Do you participate in Locus’s public events and appreciate the community?

Locus has many additional members-only events, some of which we don’t advertise, and many of which are similar to the public events.

  • If you appreciate Locus’s community, Community Memberships come with all the community-related perks of membership that every other membership has, except for the limited access to the space:
    • You are invited to all of Locus’s members-only events and usually get discounts to attend our fee-based public events,
    • You are invited to our Slack online virtual community where you can connect to other members, current and past,
    • You are invited to our WhatsApp After Hours group where impromptu activities such as climbing or laser tag or trips to the pub are organized by members,
    • You can be added to our member’s wall and have access to our private members-profile page on our website where you can see what all the other members do and find common interests.
  • If you are a writer and attend our Saturday critique-free writing meetups, we have weekly half-day Pomodoro work sessions every Wednesday from 9:00 – 12:30 before our weekly members-only lunch at a nearby restaurant. During the COVID-19 pandemic these meetings were held virtually and we added daily 2-hour sessions from 9:00 – 11:00 on weekdays. There’s a strong community of writers at Locus who often find common interests, plan group activities, and find other opportunities to work together.
  • If you enjoy Locus’s game nights, pub nights, and other social events, we have a monthly free-beer Friday just for members, weekly group lunches, weekly coffee breaks, occasional member talks, an active after-hours Whatsapp group, and other impromptu events just for members to get to know each other or to have fun.
  • Or if you just appreciate the public events and like what Locus does, a Community Membership is a great way to show support and give back.

Could you use the coworking space a few days a month but not enough to justify the 8-day/month membership?

One of the nice things about Community Memberships is that they add value to Day Passes and 10-Day Passes (550 Kc & 4,125 Kc, respectively). Non-member Day Pass access is limited to Mondays through Fridays from 9:30am to 5:30pm (when a Community Manager can be present). Members, however, can use their day passes from midnight to midnight any day of the week. If you’d sometimes like to use Locus more than the Community Membership’s one free day per month allows, get a 10-day pass, good for 1 year, and work from Locus any additional days you’d like.

Do you use Locus’s meeting room on a regular basis?

Community Memberships can save you money and make your life much easier. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • One meeting-room rental-hour per month free
  • Member rates on meeting rooms. This discount pays for the 6-month Community Membership after 20 hours of use (and that’s not including the free hour each month)
  • Option to rent the smaller, less expensive 4-person meeting room (which non-members can only rent on special request after viewing the room)
  • A single invoice at the end of each month instead of a separate invoice before each rental
  • Direct access to the meeting room calendars so you can reserve the room and update times immediately and as needed
  • Option to cancel or change meetings any time before the event starts without charge (non-members need to cancel or change events at least 24-hours before they start)
  • 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week access to Locus so you can reserve the meeting rooms whenever you want without being dependent on times when a Community Manager can be there
  • Plus all the additional benefits of membership (see below sections for details)