Digital Nomads

Digital nomads or location-independent professionals are freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and other knowledge workers who take advantage of their ability to work from almost anywhere by doing just that – traveling, living, and working in different places around the world where their interests or passions take them.

Locus Workspace is an ideal option for digital nomads hoping to spend some time living and working in Prague. Although Czech is spoken by many Locus members, the primary language in the space is English and the vast majority of members are from different countries around the globe (21 countries at last count). This makes Locus an ideal place for learning from others about laws, norms, and other tips for setting up and doing business as a foreigner in the Czech Republic, as well as for making international connections and learning about doing business abroad. There are Czech language lessons for reasonable prices on the premises, and there are a variety of Czech-oriented books in English, including Czech literature, language learning books, regional history, and travel guides. While Locus’s focus is creating a productive workspace, it also serves as an ideal center for easy integration into Czech and expatriate life and work in Prague.