Personal Assistant

Prices are shown without VAT. An additional 21% VAT will be added to the final amount.

Wish you had a personal assistant but don’t need one for enough hours to justify hiring one yourself?

  • Someone to go with you to a government office and interpret?
  • Someone to call Czech bureaucrats or companies to solve problems for you.
  • Someone to help you fill out a confusing contract
  • Someone to print something for you so you can focus on more important things
  • Someone to pick up your dry cleaning or bring you lunch (you lazy yet efficient 4-hour work week fiend)

Would it be extra great if they were already working at Locus so you could just reserve their time like you reserve the meeting room?


  • Member price: 250 Kč/hr.
  • Non-member price: 350 Kč/hr
  • Non-member 10-hour package: 3000 Kč.
  • Full-Time and Fixed-Desk members get 1/2 hour per month FREE with your membership.

Use the calendar below to reserve the personal assistant!*

* – if the calendar does not display below, log in to your Google Calendar and try this direct link to the appointment scheduling page.