Personal Assistant @ Locus

Wish you had a personal assistant but don't need one for enough hours to justify hiring one yourself?

  • Someone to go with you to a government office and interpret,
  • Someone to call Czech bureaucrats or companies to solve problems for you.
  • Someone to help you fill out a confusing contract
  • Someone to print something for you so you can focus on more important things
  • Someone to pick up your dry cleaning or bring you lunch (you lazy yet efficient 4-hour work week fiend)

Would it be extra great if they were already working at Locus so you could just reserve them like you reserve the meeting room?

Use the calendar below to reserve the personal assistant!

  • 303 Kč / hr incl. 21% VAT (250 Kc / hr before VAT).
  • Full-Time or Fixed-Desk members get 1/2 hour per month included with membership.
  • Feel free to share the link with non-members, although the price will be 363 Kc / hour INCL VA.
You have to log in to your Google calendar, and you may need to scroll to a future week to find the entries for the personal assistant.

You book in 1/2 hour increments, and the billed time will be rounded up to the nearest half hour.

You need to book the personal assistant with the calendar and pay for the amount of time booked. 

If you finish early and the PA can get back to Locus in time, they'll adjust the time booked so you won't pay for time you didn't use.

Feedback about this project and how it's working would be greatly appreciated!