Meeting Room & Event Space


  • LOCUS MEMBERS: Use these instructions to reserve the meeting rooms yourself.
  • NON-MEMBERS: Please fill out the application and contract here.

Prices* (including 21% VAT)

Members    Non-Members
1/2 Day (4 hours)
1 day (8 hours)
 Standard meeting room
120 Kč/hr 300 Kč/hr960 Kč
+ 220 Kč/extra hour
1.500 Kč
+ 120 Kč/extra hour
 Small meeting room120 Kč/hr  225 Kč/hr 720 Kč 
+ 165 Kč/extra hour
1.125 Kč 
+ 120 Kč/extra hour 
 Event Space
 300 Kč/hr 600 Kč/hr 1.920 Kč
+ 440 Kč/extra hour
 3.000 Kč
+ 300 Kč/extra hour

*- Please CANCEL meeting room or event space reservations at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the cost of the reservation.

Standard meeting room - 10 - 18 people

Our meeting rooms comfortably seat 10 people with room for more if the organizers do not mind a crowded space. They come equipped with a flip chart, white board, and data projector at no extra charge.


Small Meeting Room - 2 - 5 people

Our small meeting room is ideal for a coaching session, a small language class, or a private one-on-one meeting. It can comfortably seat 4 people.


Event Space

Locus Workspace - Vinohrady can host larger events (up to 60 people) using the main work space. These events are restricted to weekday evenings (from 19:30) and weekends, and Locus members must be permitted to work in other parts of the space as needed during the events. Event space rental requires Locus management approval before a reservation contract will be valid.

Locus Members

  • Members can use the meeting rooms privately without a reservation for UP TO ONE-HALF HOUR at a time as needed as long as the room is not reserved by someone else. 
  • For ALL use beyond 1/2 hour, the meeting room must be reserved (as long as there are other people in the space who *might* want to use this shared resource). 
  • Members get a certain number of free reserved-use hours per month depending on their type of membership (see membership descriptions for details). 

Non-Members and Day-Pass Members

  • Non-members and Day-Pass users can reserve the meeting room during times when a manager is available or by agreement.
  • If you are renting the meeting room during times when a manager cannot be present, you will need to visit the space ahead of time to get keys. You will need a 2 200 Kc returnable deposit: 1 200 Kč for the keys, 1 000 Kč to ensure you will return the meeting room & kitchen to the condition in which you found it.  
  • The meeting rooms and event space are NOT full service: Renters are expected to answer the bell and get the door during times when guests are arriving, to be respectful to Locus members working in the space, to observe the Locus Rules, and to post informational signs on the building themselves as needed. Coffee & tea are available in the space, but the renter will need to prepare it and arrange for catering as needed. 
  • If you will use the meeting room on an ongoing basis, consider a Virtual Membership which, in addition to saving you money on meeting room rental, provides additional value and ease of access.
Have an event you think would benefit Locus members? Let us know! We might host it for free.