Two more Locus events


1) This Friday, Dec. 3rd, 7pm: Film night. This is the first in a series of film nights that we’ll try to keep up every two months with a different theme. The first one is “Russia” with two contemporary Russian films, first an intense drama and second a comedy. Films will be in Russian with English subtitles. There may be a fee to attend to pay for Russian food and drinks that will be provided, but this will likely be optional.
2) Wed., Dec. 15th, 2nd Texas Holdem poker tournament. 6:30pm (for the half hour tutorial for beginners); 7pm (for people who don’t need a tutorial). Last time the vast majority had never played poker before and it was great fun.
To get more details, to sign up for these events, or to keep up with Locus Workspace events more generally, sign up at the Locus events webpage: (you need to sign up for a account if you don’t already have one).


Texas Holdem Poker night (for complete beginners, too!) at Locus

Locus Workspace will have a small Texas Holdem Poker tournament next Friday, Oct. 22nd. (I’ll run a tutorial on how to play poker and this game in particular for people new to cards, poker, or Texas Holdem in particular at 6:30pm, and if you already know how to play you can come at 7pm).

This is meant for people who have *never* played cards (much less poker) as well as those who have more experience. And it’s meant entirely as a way to get together and have fun (and learn Texas Holdem poker if you don’t know the game already).
Please let me know if you can or can’t make it ( Also feel free to invite a friend or significant other. But do let me know so I can plan on how many people will make it.
The stakes will be low enough (100 Kc buy-in at the beginning of the tournament, and that’s it) that no serious poker player (except me:) would enter.
Poker tournaments are great fun, they’re a great way to learn how to play poker, and even complete beginners who play relatively conservatively (i.e., don’t bet unless you think you have a good hand) can end up doing very well and at minimum having some fun (my wife won her first two poker tournaments in a row as a complete beginner).
Texas Holdem is the game you see on TV all the time these days. It’s the game they play at the main event of the World Series of Poker. It is by far the single most popular version of poker played on line and in casinos around the world.
The tournament will be designed in such a way that the last 2 players should finish after 3-4 hours (and most will finish in about half that time).