Terms & Conditions of Membership

1. Limited rights to use of space

I understand that my use of Locus Workspace may on occasion be disrupted. This may include, but is not limited to: (i) the offering of events or Services on the premises that are not included in the standard membership and that may require additional fees to attend or use, and (ii) the need to move to another work area and under rare circumstances to vacate the premises entirely.

2. Terms of payment

2.1 Payments received more than five days after their due date will be charged a Late Fee of 500 Kč and the Member—owing such Payments for Membership or Late Fees—will be denied access to The Space and its Services until such time as said Payments are up to date. For each additional week that Payments for Membership or Late Fees have not been received an additional 500 Kč Late Fee will be assessed.

2.2 Coffee, tea, some other non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks are available to members on select occasions. This service is included in the total price of membership.

3. Indemnification and limited liability

I AGREE NOT TO HOLD LOCUS OR ITS EMPLOYEES OR AGENTS RESPONSIBLE FOR the loss, theft, or damage of Members’ personal belongings including but not limited to laptop computers, cell phones, clothing, bags, wallets, or books.

4. Final provisions

The rights and obligations not specified herein shall be governed by Czech law. Any disputes shall be settled in compliance with Czech law.

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