Covid Test

Starting Tuesday the 6th of April, the Czech government requires all small company employees and self-employed people to get tested for Covid on a weekly basis if you’re meeting other people. This can be done in a testing center (see locations here) with a free Antigen test, or with a self-testing kit.

We decided to ask ALL members working at Locus to take a weekly test, starting the 6th of April. I see this new regulation as an opportunity to create a safer space and the first step towards a back-to-normal capacity. Although we’ll still have to take other measures into account, it is a healthy move forward. I hope this can entice many of you to work at Locus and be an active member of our community again, while still keeping it safe.

Testing costs will be paid back by your Health Insurance at 60 CZK per test for employees of small companies and for the self-employed. You can apply for this at after you received an activation code in your Data Box (Datova Schranka) and you’ll need a proof of purchase.

For others who don’t get any compensation from the Czech government, Antigen tests are still free of charge in the test centers. This is the most reliable method but queues could be long. The next option is to take a self-test, but reliability is lower (there could be some false positives). We found some reasonably priced in this shop, and they got delivered within a few days.

We bought a box with tests at 87 CZK per test, and we can sell them to you at the same price. All members can buy a test from us, but if you want compensation from the Health Insurance, you’ll have to purchase them directly from a certified seller.

Just so we can somehow follow up on this and send you a friendly reminder whenever you lost track of the days: Please write your name and the date on your negative test, take a picture of it and send it to once every 7 days. See an example below.

Thank you very much for the extra effort you’re taking for this. It is really greatly appreciated! Let’s just try to get quickly out of this period with the resources we have available.

Further together.