Goal Accountability Mastermind Group

Want help from other Locus members to clarify your goals and be more accountable for reaching them?

On January 25 th, Locus will start another installment of its Goal Accountability Mastermind Group for members!

A Mastermind Group is a mentoring concept through which individuals can form groups to learn from each other and grow together.

The focus of Locus’s Mastermind Group is to help one another achieve our short-term (every two-week) and longer-term (5-month) goals. See details and let us know if you’d like to join our first, organizational meeting.

Purpose of Locus’s Accountability Mastermind Group

To help one another achieve our short-term (every two-week) and longer-term (5-month) goals. A central component will be helping to hold one another and ourselves accountable, with the intention that we each create a system and an environment that allows us to continue to achieve our goals after the group no longer meets.

Structure of the meetings 

  • Organizational meeting and long-term goals:
    • The first, organizational meeting will include introductions, including an overview of what each of you wants to work on and be held accountable for over the five-month period.
    • With that in mind, you should come to that first meeting with some sense of what you’d like to accomplish, even if it is just to identify what you’d like to work on next in your life, or to develop consistent daily habits that you feel are important to achieve your longer-term goals.
    • All goals are preliminary in the sense that they may (and likely will) change during the course of the 5 months as things progress and your perspective changes.
  • Recurring meetings and short-term goals:
    • Participants will set short-term goals for the two-week period between each meeting. These goals should be in the service of completing the 5-month goals, although it’s also fine to set additional short-term goals that the group can help hold you accountable to.
    • During each meeting a set amount of time will be devoted to each participant to discuss how their 2-week goals went, to make a game plan for the next 2 weeks, and to see what other members of the group can do to help.
    • We will have a shared document or spreadsheet with each of our long-term and short-term goals and participants are expected to update them at least every two weeks between meetings, so that progress on the previous two weeks and goals for the next two weeks are ready to go by the time we meet.


  • You need not commit at all to attend the first organizational meeting in January where you can learn more about what is involved and who will be participating and decide whether the group is right for you.
  • After that, by joining the group you will be agreeing to set and update your goals between meetings, to do your best to achieve them, and to do what you can reasonably do to help other members achieve their goals.
  • You will also be agreeing to make your best effort to attend all meetings, either in person or via Zoom, and to continue to the end of the 5-month period.
  • Of course, things come up, and if the group is not working for you, or you are not willing or able to do the things necessary to participate fully, then you can and should stop participating.
  • For example, three participants from a previous group finished before the other three because they achieved clarity or success in their long-term goals, which was deemed a success. Another member was not interested in hearing about or helping others with their goals and only wanted help with his own goals, and there was mutual agreement that they should leave the group.
  • This group is as much about giving and sharing as it is about getting something back, so you should not join the group unless you are ready to invest time and care in helping others achieve their goals during each meeting, as well as in achieving your own goals. That said, with that attitude we expect you will get far more value out of participating than the personal cost involved, and outside the meeting times we do not expect participants to spend any non-voluntary time on helping other members of the group.

Confidentiality and Respect

The group will openly but confidentially discuss each other’s progress and challenges, share what we learned, and ask for ideas or help from other members. It’s essential that participants respect one another, including each other’s privacy and confidentiality so that we can have trust among members in the group.

Meeting frequency, duration, start date and end date 

The group will meet every 2 weeks for 1.5 hours for approximately five months. The first, organizational meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 at 12:30 and the last meeting will take place on Tuesday June 28th. After the first meeting, we may agree to change the day and time depending on what suits participants. At the end of this period, we may agree to continue for another 5 month period starting in September.

Meeting venue

Locus Workspace and Zoom. Groups will meet in the meeting room at Locus Workspace, Slezská 847/45 near Jihího z Poděbrad in Vinohrady. Depending on the COVID situation, meetings will be a hybrid of both live and over zoom, although the first meeting should be in person since personal relationships are an important part of the process.

Group size

We hope to begin with 6 or 7 participants (minimum 4, maximum 9), with the understanding that over time and on a meeting-by-meeting basis the group will tend to be smaller than what we started with.


The Accountability Mastermind Group is for members of Locus Workspace. Non-members are welcome to attend the initial organiztional meeting, but after that they will need some kind of Locus Workspace membership to continue attending. The most basic is a Virtual Membership, a 6-month membership which costs 3000 Kc plus 21% VAT (an average of 500 Kc + VAT per month) and will cover you for the duration of the mastermind group. Locus is providing the meeting room space for us and has organized the group for members, which is why you will need a membership.

Current members of Locus Workspace can of course join for free.