Intern Profile: Nirouz Kwrbou

Intern Profile: Nirouz Kwrbou

My name is Nirouz Kwrbou but everyone calls me Rose, I’ve lived in Prague since 2013, I moved from Cairo, Egypt. I am currently on my third year of studying at Anglo-American University in Prague; my field of study is Politics and Humanities. I’ve always been interested in politics since a young age and I knew that that’s what I wanted to study. I also finished my high-school degree here in Prague at Riverside International School. The past years in Prague have been great, I love the city and I feel like a native. Prague is very beautiful and very diverse, and that diversity shows in the Locus members. I’m looking forward to getting to know Locus members better in the coming months and making more international friends.

Hometown: Tripoli, Libya.

Fun Fact about Hometown: The Tripoli International Fair, founded by the Italian government in 1927, is said to be the oldest trade fair in Africa.

Occupation: Intern/ Student

Field of Study: Politics and Society

Why did you decide to study Politics and Society?
Living in the Middle East and coming from a North African country, I have often heard adults talking about our country, Libya, and many others in the region that are facing problems. I am fascinated by the idea of similarities, differences and theories bringing nations together, and the same that are separating and putting borders between them.

Why did you decide to intern at Locus?
At first it was merely to fill in the internship requirement for my university. But I later came to find out that I genuinely do enjoy spending time at Locus, everyone is so friendly and the community reminds me of my school because of how tight knit it is. The space is also beautiful and seeing everyone working makes me want to work.

What are some of your goals for this internship?
My goal is to make connections with like-minded people and to gain experience working and learning from everyone around me.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as a community manager?
One of my main responsibilities with being a community manager is making sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of. As well as planning our weekly or monthly events, social media outreach, marketing, business plan development and so on. It’s a little bit of everything.

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?
I knew what a coworking space was but I had never been in one or involved with one so I wasn’t sure what the environment would be like. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Intern Profile: Grace Arel

Intern Profile: Grace Arel
My name is Grace Arel and I am a third-year undergraduate student studying abroad in Prague. My home university, Bethel University, is in St.  Paul Minnesota. This semester I am taking communication and history classes at Charles University as well as interning at Locus. During the few weeks I have been in Prague, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Czech culture. Prague is beautiful and I love the rhythm here. I look forward to getting to know the Locus community better this semester. Here’s a little info about me.
Hometown: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States
Fun Fact about Hometown: There are 11,186 lakes in Minnesota, so its nickname is “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Being active and enjoying nature has always been an important part of my life.
Occupation: Intern / Student
Field of Study: Relational Communication, Digital Humanities, and Graphic Design

Why did you decide to study Communication, Digital Humanities, and Graphic Design?

After graduation, I want to work in the Museum field as an exhibition designer or curator. The fields of study I chose equip me with a wide range of skills. Relational Communication examines human behavior in a practical way, while Digital Humanities and Graphic Design give me important “hard” skills to take with me into the workforce. The combination of these fields gives me a variety of options to decide what I want to do with my career.

Why did you decide to intern at Locus?

During my first visit to Locus, I was impressed with the space and the atmosphere. The members seemed very friendly. I was excited to learn that community is one of Locus’ core values- creating relationships is part of the job description! All these factors made me excited to join the team here.

What are some of your goals for this internship?

My internship goals for the semester were to intern at a creatively-minded, cross-cultural, collaboration-based organization that provides me the opportunity to jump in and do hands on designing and event planning as well as practice intercultural communication. Locus gives me the opportunity to do all of the above.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as Digital Marketing Specialist?

As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I will be developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns, using web analytics to measure and optimize social media, working on updating the website as well as creating a promotional video for Locus.

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?

I have friends who I began coworking with this last fall. My friends and I found that we are more efficient and productive when we are surrounded others who are also focused on getting stuff done. When I heard that Locus was a whole workspace dedicated to coworking, I was excited to experience coworking on a larger scale in a cross-cultural setting.

What is a fun fact about you?
As a teenager, I lived in the Amazon jungle for a month teaching English.

Intern Profile: Julie Cantrel

Intern Profile: Julie Cantrel

Hometown: Hersin-Coupigny, France

After getting a high school degree in Economics, Julie decided to enroll in a business school in the North of France (ISCID-CO) to study International Marketing and E-Business. She got her Bachelor’s degree with Honours and pursued her studies in the same area to get a Master’s degree. She has never worked in a coworking space before but she is very interested in discovering how it works and really enjoys cross-cultural environments.

Occupation: Intern/Student

Field of Study: International Marketing and E-Business

Why did you decide to study International Marketing and e-Business?
I have always wanted to study something related to languages or with an international dimension. When I was in my final year in high school, I talked with a girl who was studying marketing. She explained to me what she was doing at school and I realised it was what I wanted to study. Therefore I started to look for international business schools so I could both improve my language skills and study marketing. I found my school thanks to an article in a local newspaper, I went there for a tour and immediately decided to give them my application form. It turned out that they propose a Master’s degree in International Marketing and e-Business, which was perfect for me because I am also interested in new technologies and webmarketing.

Why did you decide to intern at Locus?
I found Locus’s traineeship offer on a website specialized for Erasmus internships. I decided to apply because it gathers two things I like: being in contact with people and managing social media and events.

What are some of your goals for this internship?
The main goal of this internship is getting the opportunity to work in a pleasant and cross-cultural environment, learning more about new approaches to work (freelance, remote work, digital nomadism, etc.) and strengthening my web marketing skills.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as Community and Event Manager? 
First, we have to make sure that the space looks nice and is welcoming and that members have what they need at their disposal. When people are interested in becoming a Locus member, they can come for a tour and a free day within the space and it’s the manager’s responsibility to ensure people are enjoying their time at Locus. Moreover, we organize weekly and monthly events to animate the community, to know one another a bit better and to have good moments together.

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?
I had some idea about what a coworking space could be, but I had to do some research to make sure I was not mistaken! Working from a coworking space offers lots of benefits: a nice and quiet environment to focus on your tasks and a sense of community which is crucial from my point of view.

How do you fit in at Locus?
There is always something to be done at Locus so you never get bored! Some days are quieter than others thus we have more time to write articles or design great social media posts.

What are the benefits of interning at Locus?
Working at Locus helps you overcome shyness and become pro-active. After few weeks within the space you are able to anticipate members’ needs. As written on the main door, it’s a “Hate Free Zone” so everyone is free to express themselves and has both something to offer and learn.

What is your favorite part about Locus and why?
I really enjoy the spontaneity. When some members suddenly stand up and improvise a coffee break or go and have lunch together. In these moments you can feel the sense of community and I love it. I also like the diversity, how each one is different but we are all working next to each other in the end. In most cases, members are willing to chat while drinking a cup of coffee and it’s very pleasant.

Intern Profile: Simona Nedeljaková

Simona Nedeljaková.jpg
Hometown: Prievidza, Slovakia
Occupation: Intern/Student

Field of Study: Marketing Communication and Advertising

After one year of study at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia, Simona began pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. Locus Workspace is Simona’s third internship at a coworking space, so she has a lot to say about the coworking environment and community. Her official title is Community and Event Manager, a position with an array of responsibilities through which she hopes to gain significant knowledge and experience.

Why did you decide to study Marketing Communication and Advertising?

I started out my university education wanting to study graphic design. In Slovakia, there are many universities specializing in graphic design alone, but I wanted to expand my options for future careers. Since I was a bit unsure about pursuing graphic design, I chose to study Marketing Communication and Advertising. I also wanted to acquire an education that would set me up for a career in event planning or management, as I was also interested in this area of study at the time.

Why did you decide to intern at Locus?

Unfortunately, I found my first university to be insufficient for what I really wanted out of my education – practical work experience that would prepare me for post-graduate life. Three internships later, I think I gained quite a bit of practical experience. You might be surprised to hear this, but a majority of my university peers did not participate in an internship like I did. I would encourage more people to participate in internships. I feel that they are essential to gaining certain skills applicable to the work force. At Locus in particular, I feel like I can build these skills in an environment that is already both friendly and familiar to me.

How do your past internships compare to Locus?

At my previous internships, I worked on graphic design and social media, but I believe Locus will help me reach my full potential in ways that these past internships couldn’t. While I found each of the coworking spaces I interned at to be community oriented, I feel most at home at Locus Workspace. Here, I can learn more in terms of technical skills, in addition to the soft skills I am building in communication. Locus hosts events that enable its members to learn of each other’s various careers and cultural backgrounds. Since Locus is a predominantly English speaking coworking space, I get the chance to practice my English often. The best part about this is that I am gratefully met with an understanding and encouraging community.

What are some of your goals for this internship?

I hope to improve my management and promotional skills through my position as Community and Event Manager. I think tasks like promoting events and organizing meetings will help me further develop these skills. Also, I hope to gain more certainty about my future career by being exposed to the diverse community members at Locus.

What kind of responsibilities do you have as Community and Event Manager?

In addition to making sure the space at Locus is both presentable and comfortable, I am  responsible for communicating with both members and non-members who come to me with a variety of inquiries. I also promote our events, such as Jelly!, our free tour opportunity where anyone can visit the space and spend a day as a member with no actual commitment to the company (for those eager to sign up now, follow this link: Besides these responsibilities, I am in charge of promoting and planning weekly and monthly Locus events. This sometimes includes preparing and directing events as well. I’d like to think my efforts help create and maintain the Locus environment I have grown to love.

Did you already have an idea of what a coworking space was before you joined Locus?

At my previous internships, I enjoyed the experience of coworking spaces. To me, they embodied what a coworking space should – cultural diversity, occupation diversity, and a close knit community. I think a coworking space should be far from a stereotypical office job where you are a stranger to those around you. Locus is already a space where I am comfortable and simultaneously productive. In the next few weeks, I imagine things will run smoothly and I will only enjoy being a part of the Locus community more and more.

How do you fit in at Locus?

I cannot say enough how welcoming and understanding everyone in the office at Locus is and has been from the very start of my internship. I have learned a lot in the three weeks that I have been here and I already feel confident in responding to any questions members or nonmembers may have. There is no stress to burden my mind or interrupt my productivity when I walk into the office – something I am very happy I can say.


What are the benefits of interning at Locus?
With an internship, you are exposed to occupations you may not have considered or even heard of otherwise. An internship provides you with more direction, and the potential to discover new people, career paths, and interests. At Locus specifically, you will find yourself presented with these opportunities. It is up to you to take full advantage and make the most of your internship.
What is your favorite part about Locus and why? 

It probably comes as no surprise that my favorite part about Locus is its international community. Here I can meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds. The multiplicity of events held at Locus presents the perfect occasion to reach out and get to know others in the workspace. (link to our events page:


What hobbies/interests do you have outside work?
When I am not in the office, I enjoy painting and working on my graphic design skills. I spend a lot of my free time in nature, either walking my dog or cycling the outdoors.

Lenka Černáková: My Internship at Locus Workspace

Lenka Černáková was a community manager at Locus for almost a year, and we’re very happy to announce that she came back this summer!

Lenka recently shared her personal experience of what it’s like to work and be a part of a coworking space, writing a guest blog post for The Global Mobile Worker, a blog about the future of work (that happens to have been created by another Locus member, the amazing Robin Terrell).

We’re reposting it here because it’s a nice story about what it’s like to work at a coworking space, and particularly at Locus, and we hope it will be useful for people thinking about doing this kind of work in the future. 

Thank you, Robin, for letting us repost, and thanks most of all to you, Lenka, for sharing your story with others who might soon be in your shoes!

My Internship at Coworking Locus Workspace
Usually, the first big step before you start your career and get „the real job“ or start your own business, or decide you want to go travel the world, or start freelancing, or go get your master degree, or do whatever you want, is to try something out with an internship. If there is one thing that I learned while interning at Locus Workspace it is that the right internship/job/business doesn´t exist. You have to grab the opportunity and make it your perfect one. If you are just waiting for the right one you might wait for another year. Or ten. Or twenty. And it might never come. Waiting for the perfect opportunity is just an excuse not to do anything. Even though I was never really interested in freelancing, didn´t want to start my own business, and my background was in tourism and culture, I decided to get an internship in the coworking space.
While being an intern at a coworking space I was mostly working as a community manager, helping with day to day managing coworking space tasks, organizing events for members and the public focused on startups, business, fun stuff and my favorite topic location independent lifestyle and digital nomads. As I was still a student, I decided to use my last semester for Erasmus + internship abroad. I was also working on my master thesis Digital Nomadism in Tourism. Being at a coworking space and having access to all kind of digital nomads and people who lived location independent lifestyles helped a lot. I was introduced to a lot of people through members of the coworking space, and I could interview community members and used the materials in my thesis. I connected living location independently and digital nomadism as a new way of tourism, and my master thesis was awarded as the second best thesis written in tourism in Czechia in 2016 by the national body of tourism in Czechia – Czech Tourism.
For me, it was also a chance to meet and work with people from different backgrounds that challenged me, questioned me, taught me how to genuinely say sorry when I f*cked up, how to be assertive, how to stand behind my opinions even though no one else agreed. I was surely not being micromanaged, so I had to be able to make decisions on my own and learn how to make the right ones. I learned a lot about what I like and what I don´t, what are my weaknesses and what I want to focus on in the future.
What I enjoyed the most was definitely that I worked with people that had skills I admired. I always wanted to learn Spanish but never took classes. One of the members of the coworking space was Spanish and he would always find 30 minutes for our Spanish mini coffee break. After a year I am able to have the conversation in the language I always wanted to speak. I joined another member on his morning cross country runs in the forest at 7 am two – three times a week, even though I am not a morning person and I don´t like waking up early. I met a great couple from Gran Canaria and when I went there for holiday they showed me the whole island, took me for hikes and I tried the food in local restaurants. I remember talking to another member about what is the difference between working in a small company or startup and big corporate one. He said: „You can either be a small fish in a big bowl or big fish in a small bowl. Both are fine and have pluses and minuses and it is only up to you which one is your perfect one.“ There are hundreds of stories I have with people I met at Locus. I realized that being surrounded by people who were hard working, more talented and more experienced than me also made me a better person in a way.
It was the best opportunity I could possibly get and if I had a chance to choose again my internship would still be at a coworking space. After all, an internship is an adventure. It is a journey and rocky road, but at the end, it is only up to you if you will make it your perfect one.
Check out the position at Locus Workspace in Prague: