Digital Nomad Visa in the Czech Republic

Digital Nomad Visa in the Czech Republic

Advances in technology, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, have lead to an increasing number of people adhering to the digital nomad lifestyle. There are many benefits to becoming a digital nomad: flexible working hours, freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the projects you’d like to work on and, most importantly, the ability to work from virtually any place in the world. In a recent post, we interviewed one of our members who told us about his life as a digital nomad and highlighted some of these advantages.  Read more

Locus Workspace is for Sale – Update

As many of you know, Locus Workspace was put up for sale in March, partly due to the COVID-19 crisis, but largely due to my own decision to move on from the coworking industry.

As many of you also know, there was a buyer who made an offer that I accepted and showed enough interest to pay a non-refundable deposit.

Unfortunately after several months of mostly waiting for legal contracts, and for reasons I do not fully understand, the buyer pulled out and Locus is once again on the market.

Along with just announcing the unfortunate news, the purpose of this blog post is to give a brief overview of what’s next for Locus and Locus members and about what is for sale for those who might be interested in buying.

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