Why you should chose a coworking space this winter

We can think of many reasons why working at a coworking space would be beneficial in general, no matter the season. However, this time we want to focus on the winter season, especially this one, since living costs are getting higher and higher. So here are 5 reasons why you should join Locus Workspace (or some other workspace):

  1. You save on heating, because you don’t need to heat up your home

No matter what you use for heating, you can save a lot if you turn it off or at least turn the thermostat lower. But that doesn’t mean you should be feeling cold, you can join us at Locus Workspace, and we can be warm together. We decided to keep our heating at 21.5°, so you don’t have to! If everyone keeps their heating at home off for at least a part of the day, we can create an impact also in the wider sense, considering the energetic crisis we are facing. The more people at Locus, the warmer it gets. Locus has also joined the Save Energy, Come to a Coworking Space initiative, because we do believe it matters.

  1. You can save on electricity

Computer, extra screen, phone, lights… all these require electricity to work. If you don’t work from home, you don’t need to pay for that electricity. Why turn the lights on at home when we turn them on for you at Locus?

  1. You use less water at home

Being at home, especially if you are doing a boring task or if you have a nervous bladder can lead to a frequent use of the toilet, and using a toilet also means flushing the toilet, and the more you use the toilet, the more you have to clean it, and all this requires water. The more you flush, the more it costs. There is also the use of water for handwashing, drinking, and cleaning the dishes.

  1. You can get “drunk” on coffee and tea for free

Here at Locus, we offer free coffee and tea for everybody! Just think of all the money you can save that would otherwise be spent in the store or coffee shop. We offer a selection of different teas and a coffee machine.

But to be completely honest, all these cost savings are not the real reason why people choose us. The most important one is…

  1. You become a part of the international coworking community

At Locus, we try to create a place where people can connect with others. Having a community is very important and so we organise different events for people to socialise. Nobody is forced to join, but if you would like to, you can come with us to weekly lunches, coffee breaks, outdoor events, pub nights, beer Fridays and more. Another plus is that when working together, people become more productive and efficient. They can achieve more in less time. It’s important to save energy in these times, but you should not forget about also saving your energy.