5 Best Task Management Tools for Freelancers

Do you struggle to keep up with your goals and cross items off your to-do list? We feel you. Working as a freelancer is not always a breeze when it comes to prioritizing and focusing on what’s important. That’s why we’ve put together this guide where you’ll learn about 5 task management tools to help you get your tasks done and boost your productivity.

1. Remember The Milk

Create list and smart lists, set due dates and recurring tasks, prioritize your tasks & tag people you collaborate with to let them know what they need to take care of.

Free version: the free version comes with many features and could be enough especially for freelancers and individuals.

Paid version: you can upgrade to a Pro account for only $39.99/year, making it one of the cheapest tools! A Pro account comes with special features such as creating subtasks, coloring your tags, attaching files to your tasks or synchronizing your work dashboard with your Apple Watch.

Best tools task management

2. ClickUp

Highly customizable! Set due dates, notify assignees, use multiple viewing options and sort your tasks by due date, priority, tags and more!

Free version: the free version has pretty much everything one might need, but it might not be enough if you require a lot of customization and storage space.

Paid version: you can upgrade for $5/month and get unlimited storage, integrations and dashboards, along with many other perks.

Best tools task management

3. Trello

Create multiple boards, organize your to-do things by lists, add custom labels to your tasks (or “cards” as they call them) and assign them to someone else you collaborate with.

Free version: the free version should be more than enough for freelancers and small companies.

Paid version: their premium plans start at $5/month and include unlimited dashboards, custom fields, advance checklists and unlimited storage, among other features.

Best tools task management
Another great tool to visualize all your tasks at one glance. The dashboard reminds us of an email inbox, so if you’re an email addict you might like this app the best!

Free version: the free version works well for one individual, but if you want to add collaborators you’ll need an upgrade.

Paid version: prices start at $2.99/month, so it’s also a very cheap option. The paid version includes subtasks, graphs, custom alarms and more.

Best tools task management

5. Friday

Synchronize your Google or Outlook calendar and start adding to-do items. Establish goals and set up focus time and block those apps and sites that you know distract you from what’s really important. Unfortunately, there’s only a 14-day free trial, after which you need to upgrade to one of their premium plans. Prices start at $4/month for single user accounts.
Best tools task management


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