5 Tips to Maintain Productivity as a Freelancer Working Mostly Alone

At the present moment, it’s much more common just to stay at home and get your work done, especially if you are a freelancer and you have to rely only on yourself. However, it comes with a few complications, such as no actual will to be as productive as you would like to be. While working from home, you get distracted by too many things and you can lose interest in your work because it’s normal to rest while you are at home. Or, at least, it’s supposed to be.


Undoubtedly, there are a lot of different personalities and habits, so for some people, it’s much easier to work from home. Productivity can have different meanings for every single person. Therefore, here are some tips to help facilitate your productivity as a freelancer when working mostly alone and from home.

  • Keep your distractions away from you

This may be the hardest one, especially if your laptop and your phone are essential for your job. But try not to ”google” other things and shut down all possible notifications which can lead you to distraction.

  • Make shorter sessions of your work- if you have a big and long task to finish

People say it’s easier to focus on one thing if you do short breaks in between your work. For instance, you can work for 45 minutes and have a 10-minute break. During these work sessions, you shouldn’t be disturbed by anything. After 45 minutes of working, take a break of 5-10 minutes even if you feel like it’s not necessary at that time. Taking short breaks regularly after working for 45 minutes will help you keep focused on your work and provide you with energy throughout the day. During those breaks, try to focus on resting or anything else but work.
Check out our previous blog post about Locus’ virtual events and read about the Pomodoro technique and how we use it to get our work done properly and on time!

  • Make “to-do” lists and work on your schedule

If it’s hard for you to keep up with your work and you’re having trouble prioritizing tasks, you should make a list of what to do first, second, third and so on. If you keep the track it’s much easier to finish all your tasks at the right time. Be sure to work on your schedule and keep track of it. Be persistent.

  • Create your own “office”

Make your working day fun! If you are a freelancer working mostly alone, it means you don’t have an office to go to or colleagues to chat with. As simple as it is, start your day with dressing up as if you would go to the office. Create a routine with making some coffee first, then you can start working using some work methods with short breaks as mentioned above. Choose a place in your apartment/house that is suitable for your work. It would be easier if you always use the same place so your mind is already in a “working mode”.

Working mostly alone means you might not have colleagues you can share interests with. Considering that, you can always join a coworking space or check out some groups on (i. e.) Meetup.

  • Make a circle of people for yourself

Join a community! Freelance work is becoming more and more popular, but there is always the same problem- loneliness. Joining a coworking space is a great solution if you don’t want to go crazy working from home all the time!


If you still feel lonely as a freelancer in Prague  – Come and say ‘Hi’ in our international coworking space in the heart of Vinohrady. Our lively and friendly community is one of the best aspects we offer, and will for sure help your own productivity.