12 pages you’ll need to follow if you’re new in Prague

If you’re new in Prague and feel lost – don’t worry, we’re here to help you! Here’s a list of the most useful pages in English that will help you settle down in Prague.


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Best pages for recommendations and tips on what to do in Prague
Best pages to find an apartment in Prague
Best sites to find events for all types of people
An app for pretty much everything you’ll need to know

Best pages to stay abreast of what’s happening in Prague

Prague Morning

Prague Morning is the best online newspaper to stay abreast of what’s going on in Prague and in the Czech Republic. And the best part about it – it’s all in English! Ranging from culture to Politics, Economics, events and more, this website covers the most important news in the country.

Make sure to also follow their Facebook page where they post new content every day.


If you want to keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 restrictions and information from the Czech government, then #helpyourhood is one of the best Facebook groups to be part of. It is run by Prague-based BBC journalist Rob Cameron who, along with his team of moderators, does a great job to keep us informed about all the coronavirus-related news (in English!).


Expats.cz is an independent news source that gives a lot of general information, but also information like eat & drink, education, travels, culture & events and much more. It provides you with reliable daily coverage and informative content about the Czech Republic. No.1 page for expats for sure. There is also a Facebook page Expats.cz if it’s easier for you to follow up the news.

Best pages for recommendations and tips on what to do in Prague


Prague.eu is a useful website if you want to discover new places in the city. Find information about tons of different monuments, parks and other leisure activities that you can do in Prague. If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations, this is also the place to go. Filter by category and find exactly what you need.

And the best part about it is this website is available in more than 20 different languages. Not only in English and Czech, but also German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and more!

Expats in Prague by Prague Morning

Join this private group on Facebook with over 45,000 members and meet other expats. Need recommendations on a good English-speaking dentist in Prague? This is where you should ask! It’s one of the best pages to get answers to all the questions that will for sure cross your mind when you’re settling down in Prague.

Honest Guide

Before you get to know the city by yourself, you should check out Honest Guide videos on YouTube. Janek and Honza are two Prague guides who give us interesting tips on what to do in Prague and – most importantly – what NOT to do. So if you’d like to get useful information on what restaurants to go to in Prague, what tourist traps to avoid or discover hidden gems, you should definitely check out their videos. Most of them are short (around 5 min) and very entertaining, so we’re pretty sure you’ll love them!


This Instagram profile is in Czech language, but the pictures can speak for themselves! Amazing places is a blog specialized for beautiful accommodation options among the whole Czech Republic, not only in Prague. On this page you can find something special, luxurious and different.

Best pages to find an apartment in Prague


If you’re new in Prague, then you’ll probably need to find a place to stay. Sreality.cz is THE website for it. Their whole page is in English and you can easily filter by type of apartment, condition, location, furnished/unfurnished, price and much more! It makes flat hunting way easier.

Flatshare in Prague by Prague Morning

Another useful place to look for apartments and, in this case, roommates too. It’s a Facebook group and one of their rules is that all posts must have an English description, so it can be very convenient if you want to make sure you’ll be sharing a flat with someone you can actually communicate to (unless you are already a Czech language master!).

Best sites to find events for all types of people


Other pages that we’ve mentioned before, such as Prague Morning, also share lots of events that are happening in Prague, but Meetup is the best site to find events & meet people. It is a website platform used to find and build local communities. People use it to meet other people, to join different kinds of events, learn new things or to get out of their comfort zone. If you want to meet someone for a drink or to go for an adventure that’s the page for you!

We recommend you check out these two groups in particular:

Prague Today

Prague Today is a Facebook page that you should follow if you’d like to be aware of all the events that are taking place in Prague every week. They keep us informed of everything that is going on in Prague on a weekly basis – including both live and online events – and share some interesting news about the city. No matter what you’re most interested in, you’ll probably find something that you like here!

An app for pretty much everything you’ll need to know

Praguer app

It’s a mobile application intended especially for expats living in the capital city-Prague. It provides you with an overview of important contacts (Emergency number, Firefighters, Ambulance, Police, The Municipal Police) and is full of useful practical information about residence, social security, healthcare, etc. It also gives you important links and tips that are handy during your life in Prague.


We hope this post helped you find some useful information and if you want to meet other expats, remember you can always come to Locus Workspace 😉