Today, August 9th, “Interational Coworking Day”

Five years ago today Brad Neuberg publicly blogged about “coworking”–a term he coined–for the first time, announcing the first regular “coworking” get together: As of this weekend, with some great footwork by Rio de Janeiro coworking space owner Cadu de Castro Alves (, August 9th has been marked International Coworking Day.

Though there wasn’t much advanced notice this time around, spread the word if you can!

Tara Hunt, one of coworking’s original advocates and a master or making movements happen, made some suggestions for what to post about coworking today, using the #coworkingday tag:

1. how you first heard about the movement
2. why you decided to get involved
3. when your space opened up or you started working out of a coworking
4. why coworking is better than working alone (or in another situation,
like a coffee shop)
5. etc.

Hopefully with some advanced planning for 2011, International Coworking Day will be a more raucous event. 🙂