Opening the doors in two days and still a million things to do.
Last week I lucked out. I was about an hour away from driving to Ikea to buy as many desks, chairs, filing cabinets, book shelves, etc., that I thought would make sense for the space when a friend of a friend of a friend called to say his office was going out of business and to see if I needed office supplies. Turned out to be enough and then some to furnish the entire space, and to solve some challenges with respect to providing personal storage. High quality everything, including many things I wouldn’t have invested in for some time (like a very quality laserjet printer, fax, copier, scanner; nice security camera system; amazing bookshelves with locking storage space, locking, rolling filing cabinets for every desk, etc.). This is the second great stroke of luck after finding the space itself, which couldn’t be better situated.