Mama Coffee

We proudly serve Mama Coffee.

Mama Coffee delivers coffee to Locus Workspace at a discount off their regular prices. Members can order coffee for themselves each time Locus orders more coffee to be delivered to the workspace. 

Mama Coffee is a fair trade coffee company and they roast their beans in Prague and many say they have the best coffee in the Czech Republic. 

Here are the different options: 
  • Prices
    • Let Mama Coffee choose the type of bean and the price is 409 Kc / kilo (450 Kc including DPH).
    • Choose a specific coffee bean, get 10% off their online shop prices.
    • Get tea or anything else from their shop at their online prices.
  • Quantity: Minimum 100 grams and in units of 100 grams, as much as you want.
  • Grind: They'll grind the beans how you like them (or leave them whole), so indicate what type of grind you want (drip coffee maker, espresso, etc). 
Here's the website for their online shop to see their selection:

To add to Locus's next order:
  1. Wait for an email from Locus indicating a new order will be made (or if your order isn't time sensitive, send an email ahead of time indicating what you want for the next order). 
  2. Indicate
    1. What type(s) of grind you want (for a drip coffee maker, for an espresso machine, whole beans, etc.)
    2. How much you want (minimum 100g and in 100g units).
    3. What type of beans or other products you want (if you're not going to let them pick the beans for the 450 kc / kilo price).