Product Price List

Coffee & Tea
  • Coffee - drip coffee, from the espresso machine (Krakovská, 4th floor), or instant: 10 Kč / cup.
  • Tea: 5 Kč / tea bag
There are a few ways to pay:
  • Use your Locus Laughs (LOLs) (Locus's virtual currency: you all have some)
  • Put money in the little "piggy bank" on each kitchen counter.
  • If you don't have exact change, you can put your name on the spreadsheet on the fridge and mark a half "x" for each 5 Kč (or an "x" for each 10 crowns) you owe. When you're ready to pay, put it in the piggy bank or make a LOL payment request and cross off what you owe.

Office Supplies

Many office supplies are available for free so ask a manager if you need something. The following supplies are often available for sale:
  • Batteries (alkoline; AA, AAA): 15Kč
  • Mousepad (Ikea - black one side, white the other): 40 Kč 
  • Blank DVDs: 20Kč
  • Blank CDs: 10 Kč
  • Postage stamps: at cost