Additional Products & Services

Pricing Table (including 21% VAT)

Mail receiving 250 Kč/month
Business Seat, Slezská, P-3 500 Kč / month with minimum 6-month membership
Personal AssistantMembers: 303 Kč/hr (Full-Time Members: 0.5 hrs free/mo)
Non-Members: 363 Kč/hr
Filing cabinet rental 250 Kč/month; 135 Kč/week; 45 Kč/day
Locker rental 220 Kč/month; 120 Kč/week; 40 Kč/day
Computer rental2.000 Kč/month; 1.000 Kč/week; 300 Kč/day
Printing B&W only. First 50 pages / month, free; 2 Kč / page after
Coffee & tea Free
Monitor storage / usage Free, but limited. See below for details.
Incoming calls & faxes  Free

Mail Receiving

Members can receive mail at the Locus-Vinohrady location using the following format:
[Your Name / Your Company Name]
Locus Workspace
Slezská 857/45
130 00 Praha 3 - Vinohrady
Czech Republic

Business Address (Sídlo)

A company is possible at the Locus-Vinohrady location. Here are the terms:
  • Membership at Locus Workspace during the entire duration of the company seat (minimum "7 Day" Membership)
  • 3.000 Kč returnable deposit (the deposit will be returned as long as the terms of the company-seat agreement are observed, including moving the company seat address within 30 days of the agreement's termination)
  • 150 Kč one-time fee for sign on building
  • Minimum commitment: 6-months 
  • Price: 500 Kc / month

Filing Cabinet or Locker Rental

Locus has rolling filing cabinets that you can keep where you work or smaller lockable lockers near the entrance that members can rent when available. See prices in the table at the top for each type of storage service.

Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Locus has a ping-pong table in the courtyard. It was a member crowd-funded project and is free for members.

Computer rental

Don't count on this as a long-term option, but as long as you're working from the coworking space, Locus can rent you a basic laptop. See pricing at the top. Limited availability. The computer must remain in the coworking space at all times unless you pay a 10,000 CZK deposit to be able to use it from home as well. The computer is expected to be returned in the condition it was borrowed, not counting normal wear and tear or pre-existing problems. Otherwise the deposit will be forfeited in exchange for the damaged computer.

Printing & Scanning

Locus has black and white printers and a color scanner. Currently you can print up to 50 pages per month without a charge. After that, we ask for 2 Kč per page. You can scan as many pages as you need. No color printers are available. We may start to charge for all printing if we develop a good system for keeping track.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea are free, along with milk and sugar for preparing your coffee or tea.

Monitor Storage or Usage

Only Full-Time or Fixed-Desk members can leave monitors in the space. Full-Time members should consult the map on the bulletin board in the space for locations where they can leave their monitors. You need to be willing to let other members use your monitor when you're not in the space and you need to label your monitor with your name. Unless you have a fixed desk, you should not expect the person using your monitor, or sitting at the desk where you've left your monitor, to move: take your monitor to an empty seat to work for the day.

Members who want to borrow other members' monitors are welcome to. You need to be ready to give up the monitor with a friendly attitude if the owner comes in to work. Never move monitors from fixed desks. You can move a monitor from a non-fixed desk, but make sure to return the monitor where you found it at the end of the day.

Other products and services

Locus provides a variety of other useful office tools as needed. We have data projectors for the meeting rooms, and speakers in case you need sound. We usually have stamps we can sell you at cost, and a spare envelope if you need to send a letter. We have a label printer, a paper cutter, and a laminator. If you're looking for something, just ask.

Partner Services

Locus offers a variety of additional services through partners it has vetted for quality.

See the Partner Services drop-down menu at the top of the page for details, or ask us about other services.