Locus Rules

Locus is a community space.

  • Be helpful & show respect to other members & guests: answer the door, sign for a package, offer visitors a cup of coffee, give managers a call if someone needs help you can't provide, replace a broken light bulb, water a dying plant, clean a stray dish in the sink.
  • Organize events, bring a plant or picture from home to brighten up the space, draw a painting on the wall, or otherwise do what you would to make your own office nicer (after checking with the management just in case, of course).

No smoking, including eCigarettes

  • Do NOT smoke:
    • On the balconies on the floor below Locus (those are private balconies)
    • On the sidewalk right in front of the building
  • You may smoke in the courtyard, but please:
    • Away from non-smokers
    • Always put your cigarette butts in the garbage or an ashtray

Mind the noise.

  • Locus is an entirely open work space with "great" accoustics.
  • If your voice carries, do not make calls or have live conversations for more than ONE minute in the main space (except in the kitchen area during coffee break): use the meeting rooms, the Skype room, or the entryway, or actively keep your voice low.
  • If other members or managers are being too loud for too long, kindly let them know: it's rarely intentional.
  • To make it easier, members can use the meeting rooms for up to 1/2 hour without a reservation for live conversations with other members or for calls. For any use longer than 1/2 hour or for all meetings with non-members, or just for private work, please always reserve the meeting room.
  • Locus is a coworking space, not a library: Quiet & respectful conversations are welcome in the main space. 

Want to use or leave a monitor in the space: Read the "monitor rules" on the main bulletin board.

One of the last ones out? Close up shop.

  • Turn off all the lights in areas where other people aren't working, including the power cord switches: Otherwise the circuit breaker gets blown the next day OR unnecessary lights are left on the next day when the main switch is turned on in the morning.
  • Make sure the air conditioner unites in the main space and the meeting room are turned off.
  • Close all windows (unless other people are still working who will make sure they're closed): Otherwise evening thunderstorms can flood the space. 
    • if you work in the lofts, make sure the skylight in your loft is closed AND latched: SERIOUS RISK OF DEATH SINCE THEY CAN BLOW OFF IF THEY'RE NOT,
    • make sure the windows are closed in the bathrooms, by the kitchen, in the large meeting room, and by the elevators
  • Make sure the door to the space is closed and locked from the outside (we had a theft that was likely because it was left open). 
  • Very last one out? Turn off the main power switch in the entryway, too.
  • Locus’s ability to allow 24/7 access relies on late workers to leave the office as they would leave their own home.

Conserve: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

There are recycling bins under the window next to the kitchen corner.

These rules may change as needed.