Membership & Prices

Price Comparison

Membership Type Price (including 21% VAT)
Full Time
CZK 3500
/ month
Fixed Desk
CZK 4500
/ month
/ Month
CZK 1900
/ month
Evenings & Weekends CKZ 1500
/ month
Virtual CZK 3000
/ 6 months
Day Pass (non-members)
/ Extra Day (members)
CZK 400
/ day
10-Day Pass (non-member)
/ 10 Extra Days (members) 
CZK 3000
/ 1 year 

Key Information

  • New member? Save CZK 1000 off a Full-Time or Fixed-Desk membership for the first month!
  • Get a tour and try Locus for a day FREE. Click this link to make a reservation.
  • All memberships include 24/7 access (except the Evenings-&-Weekends Membership).
  • All memberships are month-by-month, no long-term commitment (except the Virtual membership, which must be prepaid for 6 months).
  • Prices include 21% VAT.
  • Terms & Conditions

Discounts & Bonuses

  • Six-Month Commitments:
    • Full Time and Fixed Desk Members:
      • Get the option to put your membership on hold for up to one year (minimum 7 days per hold and you must email a community manager before the hold period begins).
      • Prepay for six months and get the 7th month free.
      • Pay in six monthly installments and get two extra weeks free.
    • 7 Day / Month and Evenings & Weekends MembersPrepay for six months and get the 7th month free.
  • Want to share the same membership across multiple users? Add 15% to the price of any membership other than the Virtual membership and you can share it with as many people as you'd like, as long as you don't work out of Locus at the same time. For sharing the Virtual membership, add 50% to the price.
  • Want a discount for multiple memberships within the same organization? Talk to a manager.

"Full Time" Membership

Work independently full time and want a workplace to call home? "Full Time" members get access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You also receive 4 hours per month of free reserved use of the meeting room. 

"Fixed Desk" Membership

"Fixed Desk" Memberships are like "Full Time", except they include a dedicated desk. "Fixed Desk" members can bring their own desktop computer, office chair, multiple monitors, and otherwise decorate their desk as they see fit. And they can still work at other desks when they'd like to. 

IMPORTANT: "Fixed Desk" members must still tidy up their desks at the end of each day or when the desks are not being used. Other members may use these desks with the understanding that when the "Fixed Desk" member returns, the person sitting there will move to another spot. 

There are a limited number of fixed desks available. Talk to a space manager to discuss options.

"7 Day" Membership

The "7 Day" Membership gives you access to Locus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 7 days each month. "7-Day" members receive 2 hours per month of free reserved use of the meeting room and all other benefits of membership.

"Evenings & Weekends" Membership

This membership gives you significant savings in return for limiting your use of Locus to evenings (from 6pm-10am) and weekends (non-stop). 

Want to make an exception and work at Locus during the day? As with other memberships, you can add days as you need them (with unlimited access).

Evening-&-Weekends members receive 2 hours per month of free reserved use of the meeting room.

"Virtual" Membership

Still want the benefits of Locus membership but don't need to work at a desk for more than a couple days each month, if at all? Or do you primarily want a Locus membership for the great meeting room rates? 

With a Virtual Membership you get one day per month use of the space and you can add extra days as you need them. You also get 1 FREE hour per month of reserved use of the meeting room and member pricing on all additional hours. You'll be added to our members-only discussion group, receive invitations to all member-only events, get member prices on fee-based events, and receive all other members-only perks and access. 

Unlike other memberships, Virtual membership requires a 6-month contract, PREPAID.

Day Passes & Extra Days

Non-members can try out Locus for one day FREE.

After that, non-members can get day passes as needed.

Members may also want to add extra days to an existing limited-access membership.

Day passes do not come with standard member benefits (member discount on the meeting room, participation in the members-only email discussion group, invitation to member-only events, member prices on fee-based events, and other members-only perks and access). Day Pass users do not get keys to the space and are limited to times when a manager (or other member) can be there to host the guest.

10-Day Pass

Ten-Day Passes are punch cards with 10 individual Day Passes on them for 25% less than the cost of an individual day pass. The 10-Day Pass is good for 1 year from the date of purchase.

For Locus members, 10-Day Passes provide flexibility. You can use day passes as "guest passes" to work with colleagues who are not Locus members for the day. Members with "limited-time" memberships can use the 10-Day Pass to add full days to their existing membership, as needed. If a 7-Day Membership is too much, get a Virtual Membership and a 10-Day Pass and add extra days to your Virtual Membership as needed. If a 7-Day Membership is too little, get a 7-Day Membership with a 10-Day pass and add extra days as needed. 

Non-Members can get 10-Day Passes when none of the membership options make sense but they will end up saving money off the individual Day Pass rate. As with Day Passes, the 10-Day Pass by itself is not a membership. Non-members are limited to working at Locus between 9:30 and 17:30, Monday through Friday, and they should make an appointment for each visit so a manager knows they're coming and is sure to be there.