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Irena Štěpánová—Coaching at Locus Workspace

What is coaching? 

Coaching is a method of development which is based on the idea that learning from one´s own experience is the best way to learn. Coaching develops peoples´ potential. It is based on an optimistic attitude. Coaching is discovering, deepening awareness and making choices. We will find a clear definition of your objectives and the best way to reach them. 

How can you benefit from coaching? 

  • You will plan work and personal life
  • You will find out how to work on your own self-confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem
  • It will help you make uneasy decisions
  • Your ability to accept greater responsibility will increase
  • It will help you to organize your thoughts and think of new ways how to deal with situations
  • You will get rid of stress
Locus members receive the first hour of coaching free and 500 Kč/hour after that.