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Driving School Petr Sim

Driving School Petr Sim has a great English-language course to help foreigners get a Czech driver's license (Czech-language courses, too).

Locus owner Will Bennis took the course himself and was very pleased. They provide an English-language printed study guide and an English-translator at the written exam, and Petr Sim speaks excellent English and accompanies you during the course and at the driving test.

They offer discounts for Locus members:
  • New Drivers: 1.000 CZK off all courses (Czech or English).
  • Experienced drivers with a license in your home country: 4.000 CZK off the 1-month English-language course for students who already know how to drive and have a driver's license in their home country, but still need to do the driver's course to get their Czech license (so 9.900 Kc for the course).

Czech courses cost even less, so if you speak Czech, here's that price list

Talk to Will for details about the course if you're interested.