Additional Products & Services

Pricing Table (including 21% VAT)

Business Seat, Slezská, P-3 500 Kč / month with minimum 6-month membership
Filing cabinet/locker rental 220 Kč - 250 Kč/month; 120 - 135 Kč/week; 40 - 45 Kč/day
Mail receiving250 Kč/month 
Computer rental2.000 Kč/month; 1.000 Kč/week; 300 Kč/day
Incoming calls & faxes  Free

Mail Receiving

Members can receive mail at the Locus-Vinohrady location using the following format:
[Your Name / Your Company Name]
Locus Workspace
Slezská 857/45
130 00 Praha 3 - Vinohrady
Czech Republic

Company Seat

A company is possible at the Locus-Vinohrady location. Here are the terms:
  • Membership at Locus Workspace during the entire duration of the company seat (minimum "7 Day" Membership).
  • 3.000 Kč returnable deposit. The deposit will be returned as long as the terms of the company-seat agreement are observed, including moving the company seat address within 45 days of the agreement's termination.
  • Minimum period: 6 months.
  • Price: 500 Kc / month.

Monitor Storage or Usage

Leave your monitor at a desk (at no charge) so other members can use it while you're not at the space. Or use another member's monitor that has been left at a desk for shared use, but be prepared to give it up if that member comes into the workspace for the day.

Partner Services

Locus offers a variety of additional services through partners it has vetted for quality.

See the Partner Services drop-down menu at the top of the page for details, or ask us about other services.