LOLs-Locus's Virtual Currency

Locus Laughs (LOL) are Locus Workspace's ultra-local currency. 

You must be logged in to the Google account you shared with Locus Workspace to see your Laughs.

10 LOL can buy the equivalent of 1 CZK in Locus Workspace products and services. 

They can be used to pay for any Locus products or services. And they can be traded to other members of the space (in turn for their own products or services, for example), and even traded to non-members, who can use those Laughs to buy Locus goods.  

Laughs can be earned by doing good Locus deeds, including making other members laugh, if the laugh is hearty enough. 500 LOL will be awarded automatically to every new member with a one-month or longer membership. They will also be awarded spontaneously by Locus for deeds it deems Laughable. 

If you would like to spend some Laughs, to transfer Laughs to others, or to request Laughs (for yourself or for some other Laugh-worthy soul), please fill out the form below. Your request will be sent to the Locus Laugh Authority to be evaluated. 

Otherwise, you may see the full list of circulating Laughs in the spreadsheet below. The first tab is a summary of Laughs held by each person. The second tab is the full Laugh Ledger.