Is Locus Right for You?

Thinking about joining Locus but not sure if coworking--or this particular coworking space--is right for you? Below are some of the reasons people choose Locus Workspace.


  • Collaborative and knowledgeable community of freelancers, writers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, digital nomads and creatives from around the world with the shared goal of successfully working as independents in Prague. 
  • 24/7 access with your own key.
  • Quality office amenities including meeting room with data projector; color printer, scanner, fax, copier; high-speed internet / WiFi, and more. 
  • Events for professional development and fun.


Coworking spaces provide the healthy human contact that most of us need to avoid a sense of social isolation. They also provide immediate access to a broad knowledge base and skill set. Need help with graphic design, translating, programming, accounting, or figuring out which business license you need? Just ask and odds are someone within talking distance has the skills or knowledge you seek.


In a coworking space like Locus you are surrounded by other people who are there specifically to work. The energy and sense of focus is contagious. Locus also hosts events to help with professional development, and provides tools to facilitate goal achievement.


If you're vising Prague for a business trip, you're on a vacation when unexpected work comes up, or you're a digital nomad looking to live and work in Prague for a more extended period, Locus provides an ideal alternative to a hotel business center, an Internet café, or trying to set up your own office in a foreign land. Not only is the office equipment more professional, but the environment is more enjoyable and gives you a chance to meet other people living and working in Prague. Memberships are possible for as little as one day or by the month, making it the perfect office for digital nomads and other working travelers.


If you've relocated to the Czech Republic from another country, or if you're Czech with international work or ambitions (or just want to practice your English), Locus is the ideal place. Although Czech is spoken by many Locus members, the primary language in the space is English and the vast majority of members are from different countries around the globe. This makes Locus an ideal place for learning from others about laws, norms, and other tips for setting up and doing business as a foreigner in the Czech Republic, as well as for making international connections and learning about doing business abroad. There's a Czech-accountant member who specializes in small business accounting for expats, there are Czech language lessons for reasonable prices on the premises, and there are a variety of Czech-oriented books in English, including Czech literature, language learning books, regional history, and travel guides. While Locus's focus is creating a productive workspace, it also serves as an ideal center for expatriate integration into Czech life and work.


Along with the central concern with facilitating social connectedness that is common to most coworking spaces, Locus is largely unique in its emphasis on helping members achieve their work-related goals. Do you need incentives to work a particular set of hours each week? Want to limit your time spent surfing the web? Wish you had a "work buddy" to meet with on a regular basis? Or want to participate in an intensive work retreat where you tackle a long-held research or writing project from start to finish? Locus was created to help provide these kinds of social/environmental supports. If you have other goals or needs that a workspace environment could help you achieve, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.


Locus seeks to foster a wide range of independent workers, committed to the idea that we all benefit from the range of skills and knowledge that comes from embracing diversity. Following are some examples of the types of independent workers Locus was made for:
  • Freelancer, entrepreneur, solopreneur. Most Locus members fall in this category. Locus provides a great environment for working productively and getting to know others with complementary skills, knowledge, and contacts. 
  • Nomad worker or telecommuter, working for someone else, but able to work from whatever location best suits you. There aren't many nicer places to live and work than Prague, and Locus provides a great space for doing your job professionally and enjoyably if you're lucky enough to work in an industry where you can work from almost anywhere. 
  • Visiting scholar or scientist. One of Locus's founders is a social scientist who started Locus in part as a resource to bring together regional scholars in need of a local workspace. 
  • Independent writers, students, and researchers writing their theses, articles, or books. One of the main reasons for founding Locus was to provide an environment with the tools to help people working on extended writing projects find the focus and support to get the job done, and done well.
  • Teacher, trainer, or coach needing a place to prepare and run presentations. Locus has a meeting room with data projector capable of hosting meetings with 10-15 guests. Members get up to 4 hours per month free reserved use of the meeting room and additional hours for very reasonable rates.
  • Human resource manager or small business owner needing space for flex workers and visiting consultants, or seeking to outsource your office-space needs. Call to explain your particular needs. Locus has flexible plans for employers and small businesses that can allow for multiple memberships at discount rates.