Student Internships

  • Are you looking for a BETTER SPACE TO WORK than the library or home?
Locus Workspace is a shared office ("coworking") space created to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, graduate students, & independent workers of all kinds work more effectively, professionally, & enjoyably. We are looking for STUDENT INTERNS to help with all aspects of business management.


  • The ideal candidate would have wanted a membership at Locus even without the internship! 
One of the benefits of an internship is a free full time membership during the course of the internship. But of course this is only a benefit if you could use a membership in the first place. You should have 10-20 (or more) hours of your own work to do at Locus each week that wouldn't be part of your Locus duties. Your regular use of the space is also important for your ability to take members' perspectives and have a clear sense of what would make this a great place to work.  
  • 10-15 hours/week on Locus-related tasks
While you're expected to spend more time than this at Locus working on your own projects, only 10-15 hours per week will be needed for internship-related responsibilities.
  • Excellent English (and ideally also Czech)
Locus members come from more than 20 countries. The languages of the space are English and Czech (weighted towards English)... and it is essential that you can speak and understand English at a high level.
  • Student in 3rd year of university or higher (including graduate-level)
  • Self-motivated, people person
Some aspects of your job will be well defined, but you’ll also be expected to take initiative on whatever project you're working on, to notice things that need doing and do them! Many of those things will include helping to promote a sense of community and warmth among members of Locus, and potentially working with members on their own entrepreneurial projects. 
    • Readiness to work for 3-4 months in the internship
    There will be lots to learn during the internship and for that to be worth either of our time, there needs to be a minimum commitment of 3 to 4 months at Locus. Of course, that assumes that both sides are satisfied with the relationship. If you are unhappy at Locus or the internship is otherwise not working out, you may leave at any time.
    • Access to a laptop that can be brought to work and a readiness to learn new things. 

    What you get in return:

    • Full-time membership at Locus 
    Normally 3.500 Kč / month.
    • Access to an incredible collection of mentors
    Locus houses a diverse group of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals from around the world.
    • An inspiring place to work and a chance to be part of something meaningful
    Locus Workspace is an English-language, entrepreneurial business in a new and exciting domain that seeks to build community and promote excellence among the most creative, talented people around. Not only is Locus new, but the coworking concept itself is under 5 years old, yet it is growing rapidly around the world (with three coworking spaces in Prague all opening since 2009). As an intern, you'll have a chance to contribute to its growth and vision in myriad ways. You have the potential to be involved in nearly any aspect of business operations, including marketing, market research, business plan or grant writing, finance, space management, event planning, etc.  
    • The chance to learn useful, business-relevant skills
    Locus uses many software and Internet tools and is always seeking to improve its marketing and operations. As such, interns will learn to use many business operations tools and will have the opportunity to develop and implement new tools to improve the space.
    • A better CV and the potential for course credit and an outstanding recommendation
    Many universities will provide course credit for structured internships. Speak with your department's dean and find out what their requirements are. Locus may be able to design the internship to meet their requirements.
    • The potential for a permanent, paid position at Locus Workspace
    The right intern may have the chance to continue at Locus in a paid position as well as to eventually take on a management position with a share in the company. But for this to happen there must be a good fit and shared vision.

    Are you interested?

    • Explore this website to learn more about Locus and about coworking.
    • If still interested, email In your email, please indicate when you can start along with why you want this internship, and attach your most current CV.