Members' Guide


Locus Library

All shelves with books without a name label under them belong to Locus Workspace or to other members of the space that are intended to be shared with other Locus members:

Here's a list of available books (sortable by author, title, category, language, location).
  1. Members are encouraged to bring their own books to share if they don't mind other people reading or borrowing those books.
  2. Members should write their names on all books they own that they place on this shelf (unless they don't want the books any longer). 
  3. Members are free to browse or read any of these books while in Locus.
  4. Checking out books:
    • Members are free to check out most of the books on receiving permission from the book owner. 
    • Once permission to check out a book has been received, members should fill out the requested info on the "book checkout sheet" on the bulletin board, including their name, the name of the book being checked out, and the date of checkout. 
    • When the book is returned, the member should check that cell next to the book on the spreadsheet.
    • Books may be requested back by their owner at any time and should be deliverable within a reasonable time.
    • Even if books have not been requested, please make a habit of returning them before they have been checked out for a month.

Member owned books and media

  1. If you would like bookshelf space, please let a manager know. 
  2. We will assign up up to 1/2 a shelf on a bookshelf for each members books (this may be reduced or become a pay feature if bookshelf space becomes scarce).
  3. Please use the label printer to print your name and put the label on the half of the shelf where you will keep your books.
  4. If possible, please write your name on the inside front cover of each of your books that you wish to leave in the space. 
  5. Please do not borrow other members books without permission from that member.


Please let a Locus manager know if you notice that we've run out of any supplies or if you have requests for certain supplies that would be nice to have.


Please clean up after yourself. A cleaner only comes three times a week & other members will not appreciate it if they have to clean your dishes or wipe your crumbs off the counter. Thanks! :)

Leaving your own food & drink in the space

    • Members are welcome to leave their own food or drink in the kitchen.
    • Use the masking tape and pens in the kitchens to mark your name and the date on your food. 
    • If you want to share it with members, write "FREE" instead of your name, along with the date. 
    • Unmarked or undated food will be thrown away if it is not provided by Locus as a service to members.
    • Please put your food on the shelves labeled for members' food or in the refrigerator.


Members with a 6-month membership agreement (not including Virtual Members) can put their membership on hold for up to 1 year. There's a 1 week minimum per break. You need to let a Locus manager know beforehand. For simplicity and accounting purposes, you'll need to keep paying your monthly invoices according to the original contract, but you'll be able to continue using Locus at the end of your membership for no additional charge for the duration of the period that you put your membership on hold.


Reserved use of the meeting rooms is NOT free. See the number of hours included in your membership here (or ask a community manager). For prices after that, see the meeting room page

All Locus members are encouraged to add Locus's meeting room calenards to their own Google Calendar so they can see when the meeting rooms are available and make reservations. Here's how. 



This form is for you to give ANONYMOUS feedback to Locus Workspace management. Your feedback is extremely helpful and important in making Locus the kind of work space that YOU WANT. Go to the form here.